The #TotalHonestyTuesday Roundup, Vol.54


Every week, we’re participating in #totalhonestytuesday, sharing the things we’d usually keep off of social media, and giving a little more insight into our real (and very un-perfect) lives. Hopefully, in doing this, we can all feel a little less pressure to appear a certain way online, and remember that everyone around us is much more than just the highlight reel we normally see.

#totalhonestytuesday stayed up way too late and spent a little too much money but purple wall=all worth it.

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Why am I posting a picture of brown bananas? Because I'm inspired by @youngbrokeandglutenfree and her hashtag #worldsworstfoodblogger to say that I am probably not a food blogger. Not that I ever really thought I was one, but sometimes I feel like I "should" be one because the Paleo girls I follow are so cute and make their dishes so styled and classy. I have that same story of "I had health issues and the Paleo diet solved a lot of them and I feel better now" so sometimes I assume I'm supposed to follow those other girls' path of posing my dishes with super cute dish rags and artfully arranged flowers. The thing is, when I started my website and this insta account, my intention was not and is not to show you pictures of how adorbs my cooking is (though sometimes I come up with cool recipes if I do say so myself 💁) even though I love love the girls who Paleo blog. It's to show you how I try to be truthful about my life as much as possible in an effort to help you be truthful about yours. I am an Architectural Historian, I help run two family businesses, and I'm a writer with some Paleo on the side. That's me. My insta name is #thetruthsayer because I believe in telling the truth about all of those aspects of my life. And I just need to let it go that I'm not a food blogger!!!! Even though I like to eat! I guess this post can count for a #totalhonestytuesday as well. Also, it's time for me to do a post that's not a TotalHonestyTuesday. 😄😄👍

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This is my first #totalhonestytuesday. Here we go. This summer, I had the absolute joy of visiting five of the most important people on this planet. They're in this photo. Seeing them before I moved to this strange place called America was the greatest and we climbed mountains and went on adventures. Now I'm in America without my people. I often feel like my new adventures here should be more glamorous for Instagram but let's be real…I have more work than I've ever seen in my life. I have less money than I've had in a long time (shout out to @thefinancialdiet for making this easier). My anxiety is at a near all-time high. I'm trying to learn calculus and even after all these years, it's still hard. The extreme heat is slowing me down. Nothing except the monuments and the Obama family are glamorous. It's sweaty and it's messy and it feels like climbing a big mountain. Being a human with a lot of feelings is tiring but I know that that is okay. I'd love nothing more than to be back on a real mountain and in the woods with these 5 people (even better if there's pow). That's where my heart belongs. But PhDs aren't supposed to be easy and the mountain of academia isn't going to climb itself. Thanks to these fab five for being my rocks on the real mountains and the figurative ones. When I finally make it to the summit, it's because you're on this long climb with me. To everyone else on a tough climb, you'll make it to the top. So will I. May your Tuesdays be honest and may your kindness to yourself be plentiful.

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Share your own honesty next week, and join the conversation.

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