The #TotalHonestyTuesday Roundup, Vol. 49


Every week, we’re participating in #totalhonestytuesday, sharing the things we’d usually keep off of social media, and giving a little more insight into our real (and very un-perfect) lives. Hopefully, in doing this, we can all feel a little less pressure to appear a certain way online, and remember that everyone around us is much more than just the highlight reel we normally see.

#totalhonestytuesday I got rejected from two job opportunities in one day: one aimed for professional development and helping pay the expensive DC bills; the other to just pay the bills. I have a final project for a class that I have been peripherally giving my attention to and I've barely started the project and it feels like I've not done grad school the right way. Previously I've shared my successes (academic, professional and personal) and what scares me is sharing the parts of my life on which I call out myself for being inadequate…now there's a lot of stuff here that I'm processing, have processed and acknowledged (including misfired associations of what success means and the relationship it has to feelings of inadequacy). When the general consensus is: you're a great candidate…someone was just a little better/more fitting – it's very difficult (personally) to allow and acknowledge the experience. It's like in a romantic relationship or friendship when the partner/friend says "it's not you, it's me". So in these moments I go to my "toolkit" and reach out to friends to be assured that I am indeed qualified and I show myself all that I have accomplished….but it still falls flat. Total honesty, it's really challenging to be kind to yourself in these situations but I've learned and keep learning it's the most important thing to do. So I responded to each rejection with a sincere thank you (after waiting for a while and watching some cat videos and reading some Rumi) and a how could I improve? Not improve because I'm not qualified but improve in terms of growth, learning that different situations require different responses. My #gristforthemill Failure is necessary – but it is difficult to share that failure (that may be perceived only by you). So this is my experiment to see if by sharing I can extend the kindness to myself. With love, light and peace 💙🌍🙏🏽 #theuniverseishandpickingmethebest #ontothenext

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#totalhonestytuesday disheveled and behind at work.

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Share your own honesty next week, and join the conversation.

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