The #TotalHonestyTuesday Roundup, Vol. 32


Every week, we’re participating in #totalhonestytuesday, sharing the things we’d usually keep off of social media, and giving a little more insight into our real (and very un-perfect) lives. Hopefully, in doing this, we can all feel a little less pressure to appear a certain way online, and remember that everyone around us is much more than just the highlight reel we normally see.

#totalhonestytuesday #nofilter today has been ROUGH. Two high carb days. My last heavy leg day. I am exhausted. My daily personal beauty routine is usually 30 minutes if I wash my hair and put on makeup, now it's 2 hours every. Single. Day. My work schedule is nothing short of a chaotic and unpredictable mess right now. I'm always thirsty and chugging water. The belly bloat is the worst I've had in months. I'm starting to stress over every thing that can go wrong. But I have to trust the system. I've chosen a different strategy and plan than what's considered "the norm", and deviating from it will kill every thing I've worked for for the past six months. I've got 4 more days to see everything pay off. To prove what I set out to prove six months ago. It's too late to quit. Success is the only option. As my @nutrishopglendora_westcovina @nutrishopusa tank is reminding me today, "You can have results or excuses, not both." I choose success. I choose results. So, here I am. I worked a mere 9 hours of absolute insanity today. I hauled ass to LA for a confidence booster and check in with the best of the best. I put in a KILLER leg workout. I'm putting in my cardio time. I'll head home for an hour and a half of the prep that happens outside the gym. I'll get in the rest of my macros throughout out that, which have been spot on all weekend, despite the unpredictable work craziness. Because now is not the time to throw in the towel. Now is the time to buckle down and finish what I've started. #sleepwhenimdead #peakweek #lifeofanathlete #lifeofanathletictrainer #exhausted #eatclean #iifym #prep #preplife #progress #gainz #fitchicks #alreadycrying #nutrishopfamily #transformationtuesday #cantstopwontstop #justkeepswimming

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#totalhonestytuesday the realities of getting a cavity filled when you opted out of dental insurance 😬😬😬

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Share your own honesty next week, and join the conversation.

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