The #TotalHonestyTuesday Roundup, Vol. 30


Every week, we’re participating in #totalhonestytuesday, sharing the things we’d usually keep off of social media, and giving a little more insight into our real (and very un-perfect) lives. Hopefully, in doing this, we can all feel a little less pressure to appear a certain way online, and remember that everyone around us is much more than just the highlight reel we normally see.

for today's #totalhonestytuesday I want to take the time to talk about Bad Ass Women I Know From The Internet and also a little personal finance confession: I pay for everything in cash. when I have a card with money on it, I will swipe and swipe and swipe until I've spent literally all of it. this used to kiiiiind of work when I was in a salary position. I knew where my next paycheck was coming from and when I would be getting it. When I started my fully commission job last year, I wasn't financially prepared. Needless to say, I now have two maxed out credit cards because I wouldn't have been able to start my career without that. I pay the minimum each month and that mostly covers the interest, and that's it, so they stay mostly maxed out. I'm on a repayment plan that will actually work now, but for the last year or so I haven't really put anything on a card – including the things made be the women I actually want to support. I'm making a BIG payment today and am going to use $100 of that to finally support all the women I've cheered on verbally but not monetarily this last year. I'm going to buy @jamievaron's ebook (pictured), and @superlativelylj's, and @meg_fee's (can you believe I designed the cover and then didn't even buy a copy? shame). I'm going to donate to @xobabevibes, and @sarahnicolehunt's classroom. I'm going to stop by @workshop.pdx and pick something up because I love @aspensummit so! All this to say: support the women you love and stay away from credit card debt.

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Share your own honesty next week, and join the conversation.

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